Monday, 26 May 2008

Pam Ayres

Pam Ayres was born at Stanford in the Vale in Oxfordshire.

She went to same school as my younger brother in Faringdon, and to this day lives down the road from where my family live.

As kids, my older sister was mad about her poems, and being a younger sibling, whatever tickled my sister's fancy, piqued my interest. 'I wish I'd looked after my teeth' prompted me to brush regularly, morning and night. This poem was also voted into the Top 10 of a BBC poll to find the Nation's 100 Favourite Comic Poems.

I discovered poetry at around the age of eight, thanks to her, and I learned to write poetry by reading her, basically. I used to write volumes of the stuff.

Her feeling for rhythm and wit was inspired by Lonnie Donegan.

Pam Ayres MBE (born 14 March 1947)


Cocktails said...

Oh, RE, am I pleased to read this?!

I've always loved Pam Ayres but have got absolutely terrible looks from people whenever I've ever admitted it. She's never been exactly fashionable has she?

My mum bought me lots of her books and a couple of records when I was a kid, and they were the only poetry I liked. I particularly liked listening the records when I was sick and tucked up on the sofa.

A few months ago I was home alone with a bad cold and a hot lemon drink and 'Will anybody marry me?' were still the best company.

Istvanski said...

I always thought that Pam exaggerated her accent, it seems too 'west' for Oxfordshire but it turns out that people from that generation in that area really did sound like that. If you go to Swindon today, you'll only find the older folk that have that 'yokel' accent.
Have you heard this?

Roman Empress said...

Wow Istvanski, that's bloody great. If I'd known I would have had that as the pic. Too late to change?
Brill Cocktails, fantastic you still listen to her now. I might actually search abebooks for more of her stuff. It's not just for kids.

Five-Centres said...

I had 'Some Of Me Poems' for Christmas, c.1976. I've always had a soft spot.

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