Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Jilly Cooper

In the 70s, there was only one Queen of the columnists . and this was Jilly Cooper, and what a sexy young filly she was too.

I've recently read three of her books from the 70s/80s - not those nonsense novels about being horsehipped by a man in a tuxedo, but whimsical guides. These self-survival offerings cover topics ranging from the secrets of a long marriage (and believe me, there are some real pearls of wisdom in there), to how to survive being a step-mum (very candid, rivalling anything being published now), to how to have an 'affaire' and get away with it. Classy.

Jilly on men: ' I find I resent the fact that I can't live without them, that they hurt me emotionally, that I hate yet secretly enjoy being bullied by them, that they can do tasks domestic far better than I can, that they enjoy the company of other men so much, and on the whole prefer a bat to a bit on the side'. (Super Men and Super Women, Magnum Books, 1977).

She is for some part, at least, a woman after my own heart. Before landing a job as a writer, she undertook umpteen office jobs - a bit like myself, and she writes with clever wit about the horrors and benalities of office life.

A full list of her non-fiction, which I've read and enjoyed hugely, is here.

Jilly Cooper (born 21 February, 1937)


Planet Mondo said...

Who was the columnist - I think on Sundays - her photo was always a sort of Anne Robinson 'looking down her nose, but over the top of her specs' pose - I'm sure it was Sue someoneorother?

Inchy said...

Mr Norman doesn't like sport?!

How does he work out his testosterone-based aggression?
(best not to answer that)

Has he been to the Doctor? I can give him the number of one that he can get an appointment for tuit suite.

Roman Empress said...

PM - I'll ask Mr Norman, a wealth of retro knowledge, as I don't know, and will get back to you.

Inchy, it's a blessing. I hate sport too. Although I love a flutter on the 'ole gee gees. A bit like Jilly, I should imagine.

Inchy said...

Ooh, that's a slippery slope, Empress.