Sunday, 9 March 2008

Joanne Catherall

There are two Human League women, so I have to be ruthless.

I have chosen Joanne over Suzanne - which is odd because my name is Suzanne, but Joanne is a brunette like me and this wins hands-down every time in the role model stakes. Now there's a female thing! Do men like other men because of their hair colour?

Joanne was a teen singer. Plucked from the streets of Sheffield by father-figure Phil Oakey, the girls rose to fame by smearing on the blusher to nuclear effect, and by, well, merely looking so bored. This was ultimately their appeal because their singing was flatter than a clubbed slice of Hovis, but still, maybe this was their appeal too.

Here is a wonderful clip of the Human League in the first episode of OTT singing Do or Die. Look out for Joanne's Siouxsie Sioux type eye make-up under that uncompromising fringe.

Joanne Catherall (born 18 September 1962)


dave said...

I'm loving this. I had the pleasure of meeting Joanne and Susan on several occasions through work, and they are diamonds.

Keep up the work, will we be seeing Choc a Girl from Chocablock?

Adi said...

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OGRastamon said...

I would have said the blonde one (as if I knew their names) but that is likely because she had the featured vocal in the "Don't You Want Me" video but I've just rewatched that and realized that Joanne, though more androgynous, is far more attractive.
This video is awesome. I've listened to many of their albums and saw all the hit videos but never really seen them perform. I expected something far more sterile and Phil Oakey seemed more Dark Prince than King of Faerie.

Javier CF said...

Son muy grandes. Excelentes representantes del mejor sinthpop mundial.